SeaScapes Coastal App

The SeaScapes Coastal App enables you to learn more about the Tyne to Tees coast. Once the app is loaded onto a mobile phone, the app will ping your phone at key locations along the coast. At each location, the app will show you information about the location and its point of interest, from which you can do a deeper dive into the information. The app has various modes you can use:

  1. A Journal mode which allows you to record information you have seen and learnt along the coast.
  2. The Map which allows you to see where the land points on the coastal path are located and to bing when you are close to something of interest. It will also show you where wrecks are located off the coast and some short information about 16 named wrecks. You can do a Dive Deeper at all the land points and learn more detail about specific locations.
  3. Wrecks Collection this allows you to see models and information about 4 shipwrecks off the coast when you are in particular zones along the coastal path.
  4. The main menu also allow you to see the instructions for using the app and the how to change settings within the app.

The app is now available to download from your favourite app store. Search for: SeaScapes Coastal app and you will see SeaScapes logo as the app icon.