Be the Sea – what can you hear?

Crossing disciplines and biomes, the Be the Sea project is interested in soundscapes and acoustic ecology to map where the land meets the sea.

What are the sounds of the coastline that first come to your mind? Can you imagine how you’d map them?

Commissioned by Sea AIR, part of SeaScapes Co/Lab the creative engagement project for SeaScapes. Be the Sea asks:

how we can become more capable of living with and not just on the coast – in ways that are mutually sustainable with fellow human and non-human beings?

Be inspired to do your own deep listening by visiting BE THE SEA INTERACTIVE | loumackenzie

BE THE SEA is a collaboration between Louise Mackenzie, SeaScapes Co/Lab Artist-in-Residence, Hayley Jenkins, composer and lecturer at Sunderland University and Dorinda Kealoha, Intertidal Interactive Officer at Durham Wildlife Trust. Our extended project team includes field recorder and sound artist, David De La Haye and the Self-Publishing Lab at Sunderland University.

This is a collaborative piece between The University of Sunderland, Durham University, Seascapes, EDAN and local Seaham Miners. Commissioned by Sea AIR, part of Seascapes Co/Lab the creative engagement project for Seascapes: Tyne to Tees Shores to Seas.