The heritage of the Tyne to Tees seascape is locally and nationally significant and deserves to be better explored and celebrated. We need people help us do this; this may be through monitoring our fragile coastal habitats for species unique to our cliff tops such as the Durham Argus Butterfly, helping out with our on-water activities, or researching our maritime heritage and joining in an archaeology dig. Further information on any of these opportunities can be requested by contacting

Current opportunities:

Beautiful north east coastline representing SeaScapes project

Field Names Survey Project

In partnership with Tees Archaeology, the SeaScapes scheme seeks to explore the ‘Changing Coastline’ on the Tyne to Tees through collaborative local community heritage projects where local people will be introduced to the range of sources that are available for them to find out about their local heritage.

This starts with the launch of the ‘Field Names Survey’ project. This project aims to survey all 16 townships lying along the Tyne to Tees coastline in order to identify potential new archaeological or historical sites or activities of interest to archaeologists and historians. Local people will be shown how to use a range of heritage investigation and recording activities to complement documentary and map information, and how to use and interpret this information.

The project will be led by Janice Adams and Robin Daniels of Tees Archaeology. No previous experience is required as full training will be given. If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer community investigators or would like further information on the role, please contact Vicky – Access and Volunteer Officer at SeaScapes, at:

Active Outdoors Assistants

The BlueScapes project is recruiting volunteer Active Outdoors Assistants to help us run exciting and engaging activities on and beside the water for a variety of audiences.

These volunteer roles are based with the National Trust at Souter Lighthouse and along the Tyne to Tees Coast. As either an ‘On-Water’ or ‘On-Shore’ Active Outdoors Assistant, you will assist with creating opportunities for local people to access and enjoy the seascape through outdoor activities.

These volunteer roles will suit someone who enjoys outdoor activities and sharing a love of the seascape with other people. If this sounds like you or if you’d like further information, please contact Vicky, our Volunteer Officer, at:

Beach Clean Leader

Our Beach Care and Aware project is supported by Northumbrian Water and aims to improve the water environment along the coast for the benefit of its high-status national heritage and for our local communities.

The project will reduce the amount of damaging beach and marine litter whilst working to enhance the water quality of our coastal waters, beaches and inflowing streams.

What’s involved:
• Working with SeaScapes Beach Care officer to facilitate pre-organised beach clean litter picks.
• Distribution and collection of litter picking equipment at a beach clean.
• Providing practical advice and support to attendees during a litter pick.
• Ensuring bagged litter is removed from the beach to the identified designated pick-up location.

This role will suite you if you are friendly and outgoing, enjoy being active and outdoors in all weathers, are passionate about coast and denes, and care about the environmental impact of plastic and waste.

A full induction, training, PPE and equipment will be provided.

To find out more please contact Louise Harrington – SeaScapes Beach Care and Aware Officer on 07825 202580 or email:

SeaScapes Butterfly Management Volunteer

The Durham Argus butterfly is found only in County Durham. As a Butterfly Management Volunteer you will help identify & map existing, historic & potential Durham Argus sites, as well as help survey local Durham Argus butterfly populations each season.

Work with the National Trust Rangers at White Lea Farm, Easington, to identify & map existing, historic & potential Durham Argus nesting and feeding sites.
You will assist with managing butterfly habitat management including the coastal meadows and scrub and gorse clearance, and conducting seasonal Durham Argus Butterfly surveys.

For more information about the role and details on how to apply please visit: myvolunteering – National Trust

SeaScapes Volunteer Ranger Assistant

As a Volunteer Ranger Assistant, you will assist with practical habitat management along the Tyne to Tees Coast to promote and facilitate the local conservation of the coastal meadows, slopes and cliffs.

Tasks involve:

Practical habitat management including scrub and gorse clearance.

Tree planting/maintenance, hedge laying, meadow management, upkeep of footpaths.

Estate Management including assisting with fencing work and infrastructure repairs or new installation of footpaths and steps.

Fresh Water Pond management.

Assisting with and conducting species surveys.

For further information please visit myvolunteering – National Trust

SeaScapes Durham Argus Butterfly Survey Volunteer

The Durham Argus butterfly is found only in County Durham and the National Trust Rangers at White Lea Farm have made it their mission to help the butterfly thrive.

As a Durham Argus Butterfly Survey Volunteer, you will help survey local butterfly populations each season.

For more information about the role and details how to apply please visit myvolunteering – National Trust

SeaScapes SeaWatch Observer

Are you passionate about protecting marine wildlife with a special interest in cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises)? We need you to help us learn more about this area’s cetacean populations by regularly carrying out surveys.

By becoming a SeaScapes SeaWatch Observer, you will provide important information about how, where and when cetaceans use our coastal waters, enabling us to better protect these animals using conservation measures. Anyone can be an Observer: all you need is enthusiasm, a pair of binoculars (provided) and a little patience. If you enjoy spending time by the coast regularly, why not take time to record what you see – and what you don’t?!

To apply for this role please visit SeaScapes SeaWatch Observer | Durham ( or contact

The deadline for this round of volunteer applications is 9am Monday 21st February 2022.

Attendance at the SeaScapes Sea Watch Observer training course is essential. The next online course will take place on Saturday 12th March 2022 and will be a half day course from approximately 9am until 1pm.